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Tunbridge Wells Yard Sale

 Sat 10th June 2017, 10am-4pm

The Tunbridge Wells town-wide Yard Sale is a huge event across the whole town for everyone to get involved in. Check out the map regularly to see who is taking part and join in the fun! Become a TW Yard Seller by registering here, or plan your route if you are visiting.

If you would like to hold your own Yard Sale in aid of Imago please register on the Yard Sale website and then let us know – the money you raise on the day can support our projects here in Tunbridge Wells such as Young Carers, breaks for children with disabilities, transport for older people.

Our charity shop (17 Monson Road) and book shop (14 Crescent Road) will be open, so pop along and say hello.

Carers Week

12th - 18th June 2017 


KM Charity Walk

25th June 2017

If you would like to take part in this event and raise sponsorship for Imago please contact

Community Surgery Showfields


Community surgery is held by Kersti Hill, and is a place for residents of Showfields, Ramslye and Broadwater to speak about any issues that they may have in their community, or where they can get help with setting up projects, clubs or events that would be beneficial to the people that live in their area.