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Maidstone and Malling Young Carers

Maidstone and Malling Young Carers
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An egg cracking evening with our friends Lloyds of London

On Thursday 20th April, some of our young carers living in the Maidstone and Malling districts were invited to attend an evening of fun at Fidentia House in Chatham by our lovely friends at Lloyds of London. They have been very supportive of Kent Young Carers over the past few years, with staff volunteering their time and skills to help out at various Chill Clubs including our Christmas party for all the young carer families.


The evening got off to a great start with a game of Bingo. You could feel the excitement rise as children came closer to completing a row. At the end of the game there were several winners with chocolate eggs and bunnies as prizes. Over our dinner, many Young Carers eyes began to wonder to the number of sparkly odd looking shapes that had been hidden around the room. It soon became clear once the last plate was cleared away what was going to happen. The room very quickly became a sea of fast moving young carers who were now into the serious business of egg hunting. Once the last sparkly egg was found we settled down to some Easter and springtime crafts.

It really was a lovely evening and we cannot thank the staff at Lloyds of London, Fidentia House enough as they were absolute stars.