Social Prescribing

Many things can affect your health and wellbeing; such as loneliness, stress, money or relationship problems.  Sometimes it could be the stress of managing different long-term conditions.

Social Prescribing can help. It starts with a conversation. It might be a conversation you've just had with your doctor. Or with another person in the practice team. They will refer you to a Social Prescribing Link Coordinator who is part of the Imago team.


Link Coordinators are here to listen to you, and put you in touch with the people and activities that might help you to feel better.


Our Social Prescribers may introduce you to a community group, a new activity or a local club. Or they might help you find legal advice or debt counselling. They might just help you find information and guidance: a bit of inside knowledge on your situation or what local resources there are in your area. They could even support you to create something new such as a gardening club, a fishing group, a ‘men's shed' or knit and natter group.


Social prescribing can help you to have more control over your own health and find ways to improve how you feel in a way that suits you.


Studies show that people get better and feel better faster than those treated with medicine alone. And because it works, it's happening more and more – including here in this area.


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Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley

Providing support via Social Prescribing Link Coordinators


Providing support via Link Coordinators, and Adult and Children's Mental Health

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Providing support via Link Coordinators, Adult and Children's Mental Health and Health and Wellbeing Coaching