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Kent Carers' Emergency Card


The Kent Carers Emergency Card (KCEC) gives everyone peace of mind that the person being cared for will be looked if their Carer is unexpectedly taken ill or has an accident.


Key information is held by Kent County Council who will make contact with family members, nominated persons or Social Services, to implement support for the person being cared for.


How the card works


Carers are issued with a wallet sized card that has a unique reference number and a Kent County Council emergency phone number. The Carer carries the card at all times so in the case of accident or sudden illness it can be used to identify that there is a person being cared for and take action. The card does not contain any personal details.


In an emergency situation, the number on the card can be called, quoting the registration number. The call is received by Kent County Council’s 24-hour contact centre who will immediately access the Carer’s pre-arranged emergency plan and put it into action. The service is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Information is held and processed in accordance with Data Protection legislation.


Apply for a Card


Contact the Hub team on 0300 011 1965 or