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Caring with Confidence

Caring with Confidence is a new, free course especially designed for Carers. It is delivered over seven weeks, one day a week; each session is three hours including a half-hour break. The sessions cover a different caring related topic each week, and carers can choose to come to all, or some, of the sessions.

  • Finding Your Way – An overview of the course designed to help Carers look at what matters to them and decide which other sessions they are interested in
  • Caring and Coping – Gives Carers the time and space to consider the emotions involved in looking after someone; with discussion and ideas to help Carers cope with stress more effectively
  • Caring and Me – Helping Carers to look after their own health and wellbeing
  • Caring Day-to-Day – Considers the essentials of caring for someone day-to-day; from medication to emergencies at home
  • Caring and Resources – Information about welfare benefits; signposting to financial information and resources
  • Caring and Life – Invites Carers to and think about how they manage competing demands, and how their caring role fits in with other aspects of life
  • Caring and Communicating – Uses real-life caring situations to help Carers get the best from communicating with professionals and service providers.


In addition to exploring these topics, outside speakers are invited to talk on a variety of subjects related to caring. Throughout the course, Carers have the opportunity to meet with other Carers and share ideas and experiences.


Caring with Confidence is run at different venues throughout Dartford, Gravesham, Swanley and Swale.