Supporting Greenwich schools to develop the resilience and emotional wellbeing of their Children and Young People


There are estimated to be at least 3,000 Young Carers living in Greenwich. That could be up to three Young Carers per classroom! So however big or small your school, you will have Young Carers and they may need additional support.


Young Carers provide unpaid care, support or supervision to a family member with a long-term illness, disability, mental health condition or substance misuse issue. They may take on practical tasks, physical and personal care and emotional support which can have a big impact on their education, social life and future aspirations.

Imago has been successful in securing a grant by the Royal Borough of Greenwich for the Greenwich Young Carers project. This aims to provide free support, resources and materials for your school to help identify and empower Young Carers.

Stat: Children as young of 5 are in a caring role
Stat: 27% of Young Carers aged 11-15 miss school
Stat: 67% of Young Carers are worried about their future

The Greenwich Young Carers project provides your school with the tools needed to identify, refer and support your Young Carers by:

  • Helping you develop a programme of in-school support
  • Delivering Young Carers Awareness Training to staff, to help you to identify and refer Young Carers and give you ideas about how to support them
  • Delivering assemblies to raise awareness amongst pupils and outline how to access support
  • Setting up and co-delivering school support groups to improve the social, emotional and mental health of Young Carers
  • Providing a step-by-step guide for teachers and non-teaching staff, with resources, essential tools and guidance to enable staff to raise awareness of and support Young Carers
  • Providing Young Carer focused lesson plans to help reduce the stigmas and raise awareness amongst peers
  • Providing your school with ongoing support


We have proven expertise of helping schools support their Young Carers, delivering support programmes for 378 secondary, 276 primary schools and Young Carers across South East England.


Support in your School

If you would like Greenwich Young Carers to work with your school, please email

Quote from a Teacher: This session has helped me to understand the impact of being a Young Carer on a child. I have also identified two further pupils who may be Young Carers and have spoken with our Family Liaison Officer about this