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Growing up as a Young Carer in a family supporting a brother or sister with a disability comes with opportunities and challenges for the Young Carer and the family. Many Young Carers emphasise that caring is a positive experience. However, research shows, if not supported, their own health, mental health and wellbeing can be affected.


Imago has been awarded funding for 3 years by BBC Children in Need to provide support for Young Carers who are caring for a brother or sister with a disability in Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley.


The project enables Young Carers to get the right help at the right time through a variety of interventions for the Young Carer, disabled brother or sister and the family; aiming to reduce social isolation,  increase confidence and self-esteem. The service also provides opportunities and signposting for the disabled sibling to access activities with a focus on visiting new places, learning skills, meeting new people and having fun!


Each Young Carer and family will be offered support suitable to their needs which may include some or all of:

  • 4 family meetings in a 12-month period to ensure families are receiving the support that they need
  • One-to-one support for Young Carers
  • Activities for disabled children such as after school clubs, day activities, signposting to services available in the local community
  • Support to work out what a break from caring would look like; this might be finding local activities or sports groups or accessing Imago’s Young Carer respite activities and workshop
  • Support in schools to bring balance between caring roles and school; or provide support groups in school for the disabled brother or sister
  • Family forums proving the opportunity for families to network and for parents to take part in consultation with speakers
  • Yearly residential activity


For further information please contact the Imago Hub team

Phone 0300 111 1110


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