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Imago can organise your DBS and Adult First Checks


Imago has been registered with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) as an Umbrella body since 2009.  As an Umbrella body we act as an intermediary between voluntary and community organisations who choose to use our service


Imago can provide you with a personalised DBS service.  You are more than a name on a form to us… we know you by face and are more than happy to talk through questions and queries.

Why you should use Imago as an Umbrella Body

  • We have the administration resources and expertise in DBS.
  • We meet and exceed the minimum threshold requirements and conditions of registrations.
  • You do not have to pay a DBS registration fee, or you may not process enough applications per annum to become a registered body.
  • We provide help and assistance in order to comply with the DBS Code of Practice.
  • We can use our experience to help you understand the information provided in a DBS check.
  • We ensure that forms are processed quickly and efficiently.


If you are a registered charity that exists to help and support voluntary and community organisations please contact Harry O'Driscoll, to see if we can help. Telephone 01892 530330 or by email:


More information regarding Disclosures for applicants can be obtained on the DBS website by following this link


Click here for more information regarding Disclosures for applicants