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Developing Staff


At Imago, we have dedicated trainers, guaranteeing success and a clear return on investment


Teamwork - making the most of your Staff

Understand what makes a successful team, describe the different stages of team development and identify what actions a team leader can take. Understand how a team leader can impact on the success of a team and create action plans to develop your own team.


Coaching in the Workplace

Understand the key principles of coaching, and use these skills to respond to the needs of staff and the organisation as a whole. You will learn techniques that create open, honest dialogue and develop relationships built on mutual trust.


Supervision and Appraisal Skills

How to build constructive relationships with staff and volunteers through effective supervision and appraisal. You will understand the principles of support and supervision and be better equipped to motivate your team to achieve positive results.


Personnel Practice

Develop the skills to run an effective personnel operation without the support of a specialist. You will be introduced to the range of management responsibilities of a small organisation and explore procedures that will help your organisation get the best from its staff and volunteers.


Responsibilities of Trustees

Understand trustee roles in the charitable sector and explore practical ways of establishing an effective working board of trustees. You will gain an understanding of the responsibilities and risks involved, gaining an understanding of what being a trustee means in practice.


Managing Volunteers

What motivates people to volunteer and why they should join your organisation? This course covers the policies and procedures you need; recruitment, interviewing, induction, supervision and support processes; how to handle and develop more challenging volunteers.