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Essential Skills


Our essential skills training courses are practical, allowing you to apply your skills in real life working situations giving you the competitive advantage


Effective Communication

Enhance your communication skills through a variety of techniques. Developing an understanding of others, and increase self-awareness. Recognise the messages you give out and develop skills to enable you to build successful relationships.


Minute Taking Skills

Write effective minutes that will be read and acted upon - not just filed! Learn about useful agendas, unique writing styles and how to distinguish the important and significant elements from the irrelevant and repetitious.


Managing Yourself

Learn to manage your time more proactively to improve your performance and quality of life. Achieve better results by spending quality time on the things that matter most and be more in control of your life.  Work smarter, not harder!


Making the Most of Meetings

Learn about the structure, roles and responsibilities of committee members. Identify which factors make a meeting effective, learn how to prepare a good agenda and that encourages people to attend and participate.