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Statutory Courses


First Aid Training

Learn how to handle emergency situations safely. Recognise the need for and perform effective CPR, practice how to control bleeding; deal with fractures and burns; treat a patient in shock and recognise and treat a conscious choking casualty.


Fire Marshall/Warden Training

This-half day course is for staff members who have a responsibility for fire safety within their organisation. It provides necessary training to enable you to effectively carry out the legal duties and responsibilities.


Food Hygiene

A full day course that awards you with a LEVEL 2 AWARD in Food Hygiene from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

By attending, you will recognise the symptoms and methods of preventing food poisoning and contamination; learn about the characteristics of bacteria, their growth and destruction, understand your responsibilities under the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Meets UK and EU legal requirements for food handlers and discuss personal hygiene and hazard analysis requirements.


Health and Safety

A two day course which provides you with a Certificate in Health & Safety from the Chartered

Institute of Environmental Health and aims to ensure that you are aware of your responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act and that you understand the concept of Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment in the workplace.


Mental Health Awareness

Gain a wider understanding for yourself and others of the issues surrounding mental health. Enabling you to work more effectively with people with mental health problems. Topics include:

  • Defining mental health and the different types
  • Identifying the discrimination surrounding mental health problems
  • How to support those with mental health problems to look after themselves


Manual Handling

A half-day course highlighting best practice to help the employer/employee comply with the Manual Handling Regulations. This course looks at techniques for assisting in client movement. Working to the principle of Minimal Client Handling.

Please note: This course does not cover hoists and mechanical lifting aids.