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Kroll supports our London Young Carers by providing technology for those most in need and have a fundraiser running the London Marathon 2022 on our behalf

For the past 12 months, Kroll has supported our London Young Carers by providing technology for those most in need, including V.  


Occupational therapy suggested that V learns to touch type, as writing causes her pain and additional stress. Due to sharing the family laptop with her older brother, V was struggling to find the time to complete her homework. By providing her with a laptop, Kroll has not only eliminated this problem but is supporting V in learning to touch type and navigate school life far more easily.


 "The difference this will make for V is unmeasurable! Thank you, we really appreciate it” - Young Carer's  Mum.  


We also have Liam Brown, a Kroll employee, running the London Marathon 2022 on behalf of Imago. Liam will be representing and raising money for Imago’s Children & Young People’s projects. You can find out more about Liam’s training journey and sponsor him here: Imago Community: Brown-in Motion (


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