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IAC have been  supporting  our Children and Young People services in a variety of ways, from hosting online workshops to funding bi-monthly activities across the 12 districts of Kent.

Thanks to IAC our Young Carers in Kent have access to bi-monthly activities, giving them a break from their caring role and allowing them to build relationships and a support system with other young people. These activities are based on the individuals that are accessing the service and can be anything from nutritional and financial education and skill sharing to trips to the cinema or an afternoon at the beach. Allowing Young Carers to take a break from their caring role not only allows them to reconnect with themselves but it gives our team the opportunity to check in with them and ensure that they are coping with their role, school/college and life in general.  


IAC also supports our initiative to identify hidden Young Carers , celebrating with us through the planting of trees. This not only highlights each newly identified Young Carer being able to receive the support that they need and deserve, but also supports Imago’s green initiative by helping to off-set both Imago and IAC’s carbon footprint.  


IAC also kindly gifted 100 Easter Eggs to our young people in 2022, helping to ensure that our Young Carers and disabled young people didn’t miss out on the simple pleasure of chocolate, and giving them the reassurance that they are not alone and are being thought of and supported by others.