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Delivering management and leadership excellence


Support & Development for Chief Officers

Reflect on the importance of VCS Chief Officers; identifying your own support and learning needs.  Discuss the concepts of a learning organisation and facilitate the development of its members, enabling participants to develop a proposal for their own support needs.


Strategic Planning

Understand the purpose and importance of strategic planning. Formulate an outline plan for your organisation; employ practical techniques for monitoring, reviewing and delivering your plan.


Introduction to Management

Are you ‘new to management’? If so, this course will help you identify the skills you have and those you need to develop to become an effective manager. Gain a better understanding of the key roles and responsibilities of managers and discover different styles of management.


Project Management

Learn how to plan a project by agreeing objectives, preparing briefs, appraising proposals and carrying out risk assessment.  Understand how to implement the project by recruiting and managing the project team, monitoring progress, evaluating the outcomes and communicating effectively.