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Social Prescribing in Tunbridge Wells


You can find our Social Prescribers in the following Surgeries:

  • Grosvenor & St James' Medical Centre
  • Kingswood Surgery
  • Lonsdale Medical Centre
  • Rusthall Medical Centre
  • Speldhurst & Greggswood Medical Group
  • St Andrew's Medical Centre
  • The Wells Medical Practice
  • Waterfield House Surgery

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Support Available



Adults Mental Health Coordinators:

  • Will enable individuals to manage their mental health by helping to prevent deterioration, employing coping strategies with a view to reducing anxiety and depression, improving self- esteem and confidence, and increasing the self-reporting of improvement in health and well-being

  • Will work with people to understand and manage their mental health condition, as well as to develop and practice the skills which are important to live a satisfying life. We focus on ‘recovery’, wellbeing as well as good physical health

  • Will support many people with a wide range of mental health-related needs, including people being discharged from secondary mental health support and needing continuation from primary care support

  • Will support people to develop the skills and self-belief to move past prior experiences, improve their resilience, change their story and achieve a better future for themselves, their families and their communities



Children’s Mental Health Social Prescriber Link Coordinators:

This role will provide a range of specialist types of support for children, young people and families, seeing them face-to-face, in schools and in other appropriate setting.


In addition to our direct work, we will provide resources to other professionals to enable them to be more effective in their work. The overarching aim of our service is to build resilience and to help children and young people who are being directly impacted by their mental health.


To achieve this, we provide a range of different types of support for children and young people, including:

  • interventions for children and young people who present with low level mental health and need support to help prevent escalation to specialist CAMHS

  • ‘Whole family’ interventions, to prevent intergenerational issues as a result of parent/carer mental health needs