How can your company support us?

Choose to support Imago for a year, as your company's charity partner. Our devoted team can work with you to create a partnership package that will motivate your employees and inspire your clients.

We host a variety of events throughout the year, in various locations, that can be sponsored. Our dedicated team can work with you to ensure that your brand is being represented in a way that best suits you.

Choose to support Imago by providing tax-free donations on a monthly basis. Payroll Giving donations are taken from an employee's pay after National Insurance and before tax, meaning your donation amount will be more than the funds deducted from your pay!

Whether you would prefer to give regularly, provide support to a specific area or project, or simply provide a one-off financial donation, your support could make a huge difference to people's lives.

Not all support requires money. If you have time and skills to offer, please get in touch; we welcome anything from venue space to volunteering and everything in between.

Many businesses offer to match funding for their employees' fundraising efforts. This is a simple way to support your staff and their chosen charity.

Get in Touch

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