Meet The Team

Senior Leadership

photo of caroline

Caroline Shaw

Chief Executive

Photo of Liz James

Liz James

Deputy Chief Executive

photo of maggie

Maggie Pordage

Director of Adult Services

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Angela Holland

Director of Children & Young People's Services

Photo of Louise Griffiths

Louise Griffiths

Director of Development

photo of lynn

Lynn Parsons

Director of Finance

Photo of Steve

Steve Fennell

Director of Health & Wellbeing Services

Photo of Jenny

Jenny Wilders

Director of Performance & Evaluation

photo of jackie

Jackie Dabin

Head of Adult Services - Community Navigation

photo of sam baxter

Sam Baxter

Head of Health & Wellbeing Services

photo of wendy

Wendy McGeachy

Head of Partnerships & Corporate Development

photo of sharon

Sharon Overy

Head of Service