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For Organisations



Are you a local charity, or non-profit making or community group?

Are you a statutory body such as a school or hospital?

Are you a private sector company looking for some extra help for non-profit ventures?

Do you need more manpower to make a special project happen?

Could volunteers add value to your service?


We promote volunteering opportunities via social media and through producing a newsletter  as well as at events.

If your organisation would like to be included please contact with the heading 'newsletter'.


How Volunteers Can Help You

A well-managed team of volunteers can provide valuable support to your organisation by offering regular commitment, one-off, occasional or seasonal help in return for a little encouragement and appreciation. 

Volunteers are flexible, versatile and keen to use their diverse skills and experience and can make a real difference to the lives of other people. They can inject fresh enthusiasm and energy to your organisation, project or service. 

“Volunteers are not only an integral part of our charity, we rely on their good will and skills to deliver a much wider range of services to many more people than we could without their help. Each and every person provides us with such valued commitment” West Kent Mind