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CAMEO (Come and Meet Each Other)


This is our online group for people aged 50 or over, which you can access from your own home via the Zoom facility.


Group members are able to join in with a highly varied programme of activities, which generally run over a 12 week period.  You can chose to attend all of the weekly sessions, or simply select the ones which appeal to you the most.   Topics include online armchair fitness, crafting, Kent sheds, Tai Chi, origami, talks on interesting subjects, plus many other interesting activities.  We’ve even had online cooking demonstrations and choirs in the past!


Why not give us a call to find out what is planned over the coming weeks, or follow our Social Media pages for the latest updates?  It’s a great opportunity for people to meet others who have experienced similar circumstances and make new friends.


You will need access to the internet and a suitable device to enable you to join in the online sessions, such as a tablet, computer or mobile phone.  Don't worry if you haven't used Zoom before; we will support you to access the CAMEO group programme. Alternatively if you are not able to join us online, please contact us so that we can register your interest for our face to face meetings, which we hope to resume in the near future. We will contact you regularly to update you around our plans to restart those meetings.


A key aim of CAMEO is sustainability, and we hope that following participation some people will continue to be in contact with fellow participants outside the programme, leading to ongoing friendships.   Some previous attendees have even joined us as volunteers, helping to support others within their community.


For more information, please contact 0300 011 1965 or


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